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Why Custom Fit?

It has been shown that custom fitting can improve your game…

How does Custom Fitting Work?

Firstly we discuss with you your preferences and what you wish to achieve from selecting a new set of clubs.
Secondly we take your static measurements i.e. whilst standing in an upright position we measure height and distance from the wrist to the floor. This information enables us to determine the ideal length of shaft and lie angle for the golfer, a great starting point.
Next we carry out a dynamic swing test, where we evaluate how your swing affects impact position, ball flight and shape.
Finally, the information that we have gathered from all these tests and the initial consultation allow us to find the best specification of golf clubs for the customer.

We do recommend the custom fit method if you are considering purchasing a new set of golf clubs.

Golf Repairs

All the Professional shop staff are fully trained by the Professional Golfers’ Association and continue to attend regular courses enabling us to be up to date with the latest technology.
We offer a full re-gripping service, and carry at all times, a good selection of various styles of grips.
No matter how small the repair, we are only too happy to take it on.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us.

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