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Welcome to my last weekly announcement as your Club Captain. This week I would like to start by saying how much I have enjoyed the experience and thank all of you for making do with me until a proper Captain could be found. Without my seventeen readers each week there would be no point in writing this little blog. I hope you have found some of the information helpful and thank everyone who has supported the various events throughout this year.

I am very pleased to be able to tell you that the princely sum of £3882.77 has been raised by you all, for my chosen charity Enfield Carers Centre and I will be presenting a cheque to them for this amount on my return from a short Golfing Tour of the Mediterranean. (No more Pond Jumping involved).

Last week's results for the Final Medal shows Graham Dickens victorious in division two with a net score of 70 and David Knott the winner of division one with 65. The four ball draw Autumn Vase's was won comfortably by Ian Lanario and Eusebio Huerga with 45 points who dovetailed perfectly on the day. The Committee cup was also played for on Monday and the winner was Mark Stevens with 36 points. Very well done to everybody mentioned above and all those, who like me just made the numbers up on the day.

Saturday night is the Club AGM and the following day is the Captain's Drive in Competition. This is a four ball better ball bogey competition which means you play in pairs and compete against the course and if you think of it in terms of stableford points then two points is a half three points a win and one point a loss. You then just count how many better you are as a pair. The sign up for this is on the PSI system or you could contact the pro shop who will help you out. An International Buffet is then available after the golf please let Debbie or the caterers know if you are eating and at some point the highly awaited drive in will take place in front of the 18th Green. There is a swindle sheet about to place a wager on the distance that David will hit the ball, all in aid of the new Charity, Diabetes UK. Good Luck David.

I wish our new Captain the very best for the new year ahead and although I cannot be at the drive in for reasons mentioned above I will do my utmost to support him and Irene in any reasonable way possible. It is also great to see the start of the Clubs new irrigation system being installed this week and although this will cause some short term disturbance it will be for the long term good of the course from which we will all reap rewards for years to come.

Captain's Tip – identify your ball before each shot.

Thank You and Good Night

David 3882 

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Friday, 20 July 2018