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Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all had a relaxing and an enjoyable Christmas, and are beginning to recover from the excesses of the season.

Here we are at the start of a brand new year; a chance to begin afresh, turn over a new leaf, learn new skills, gain new experiences. I think I'll carry on the same as before!

The club has a new professional, a new manager (well, nearly new) and come February we'll have a new irrigation system, so there are plenty of reasons to feel good about the coming year.

We certainly felt good on Sunday, a little too good judging from my head on Monday morning, after seeing in the New Year at the club. Good food and great company made for a memorable evening. I must thank Alasdair and Roy for the excellent meal, and Debbie and all her staff (yes even you Sarah!) for making certain we all had a great time.

Captain/Pro Matches

Danny Hill, our new professional, has now settled in well and is keen to see changes at the club. The first thing we want to get organised is the Captain/Pro challenge. A notice will soon go up in the George Low Bar and if you're brave enough sign up to play us. The pair that beat us by the biggest margin (or should I say, lose by the smallest margin) will win a trophy which will be presented at the Captain's supper in September. I might also stretch to a small prize if I'm in a generous mood. We'll take on anyone, ladies, men, mixed pairs, juniors, we're not frightened – well Danny isn't!

Burn's Night

This is always a good night and usually well supported so get your name down quickly. Mike Clarke will be entertaining us with his amusing anecdotes and stories and the odd song or two (and I do mean 'odd'!).

Four-ball Draw

Sunday will see the first four-ball draw of the year. Sadly I am unable to be there so the role of Captain on this occasion will be taken by my understudy, Mr Ray Ripsher. One word of warning, however, if you're drawn out with him my advice is not to look directly at his swing, it is likely to have an adverse effect, requiring months of therapy! Thanks Ray.

Quiz League

Mike Clarke's quiz league begins on 26th January. There's still time for you to gather up a team, think of a silly name and enter on the board in the George Low Bar.


It was very wet underfoot on Saturday, following the snow of the previous week. Consequently entries were down for the Winter League as people thought it more prudent to remain at home and finish off the last of the Advocaat. However, that takes nothing away from James Chard who scored 39 points, a great score on the day, to win division 1. Andy Gerrard won division 2 with 34 points. We have a new leader in the league, a magnificent achievement when you consider Andy Morris was 9 shots clear before Christmas. Graham Dickens now occupies the top spot with 220 points from his best six rounds, one point clear of our previous leader. We're now half way through the competition so still plenty of time to get yourself to the top of the leader board.

Now, I don't know how to tell you all this but I am off for a Caribbean cruise on Friday. Please try to get over your petty jealousy. We will be celebrating my wife's birthday, one that ends with a zero, but it is more than my life is worth to tell you which one! Ray will be running the ship during my absence and it couldn't be in better hands. In fact I am worried that he will be too efficient and make me look lousy. I hope I didn't hear you whisper, "Wouldn't be difficult"!

See you all in a couple of weeks.

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Saturday, 19 January 2019