1895 Club

The 1895 Club concept was instigated by three Edinburgh-based clubs whose centenary year coincided with each other. Enquiries were sent out to other 1895 centenary clubs throughout the country inviting their participation. After some correspondence representatives of 19 clubs attended a meeting at Handsworth Golf Club in Birmingham where some fine tuning was made and agreement reached to constitute the 1895 Club. Bush Hill Park later joined the group, whose purpose is to foster relationships and offer reciprocal courtesy arrangements between members of participating clubs.

Members make their own arrangements with the Secretary of the Club they wish to visit by letter or phone, giving as much notice as possible. Do not turn up uninvited and expect to be able to play.

Members should take with them a letter of introduction together with their handicap certificate. These are obtainable from the General Manager. Check with the host Club their dress rules and respect them.

For visits to take place home Clubs should be separated by 75 miles.

Some Clubs do impose limits on courtesies after which green fees are charged.

You can scroll through the list of 1895 courses on this page - or zoom into the map to explore different areas. Don't forget the courses in Belgium, Australia and New Zealand!

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1895 Clubs