Midsummer Madness


Nine teams of four turned out on a glorious day to take on the challenges of Midsummer Madness.  The use of a putter only on the 16th hole proved particularly frustrating with a maximum of three points being scored by any one team.  In fact the majority scored a big fat zero.  Coming out of the bunker with a putter is something you wouldn't want to do every day!
Home made cakes, coffee and tea at the hut proved a settling break whilst watching Lisa Martin score a birdie on the 13th off the yellow tee added to the enjoyment.
After a welcome  'brunch' vouchers from Peatchey's Butchers were presented  to the runners up Sharon Saunders, Sue Agapiou, Graham Edwards and Varney Christofi and the winners Dawn Rose, Umar Annaradnam, Mike Clarke and John Bottoms.
A good day was had by all!