Bush Hill Park

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Course Status

Course Status

Course Open. Total Buggy Ban. Total Trolley Ban. Preferred Lies in Play for areas cut to fairway height or less. Updated: 4th Dec 2023

Course News

Our team of greenkeepers take care of everything to do with the course, from everyday tasks such as cutting and bunker raking, to larger projects such as drainage and irrigation. 

Below you can find a record of work being undertaken by our greenkeeping team and read the latest updates on current and planned projects. Reports are written by Head Greenkeeper Graham Careford, contact him using the online enquiry form.

Sunday Carvery, 19th November 2023

Tuesday 24th October 2023


Course update - June 2023

Monday 26th June 2023


Course Update - 31/03/23

Friday 31st March 2023

We have had to close the course today unfortunately due to the ground conditions being very wet and with a wet day forecast ahead. After what was a very dry February nature has addressed the balance by giving us a wet March. We have had 80mm (Over 3”) of rain in 3 weeks with more than half of that falling in the last 10 days and not giving us a chance to dry out enough to allow trollies to be used. On a positive note this wet spell will help with getting the course to a high standard in the coming weeks by helping the turf to thicken up, but at this moment it is having a detrimental effect.

Course manager's report March 2023

Wednesday 22nd March 2023

The rain has returned to Bush Hill Park as we all knew it would, the dry 7 week spell we had from mid-January to Early March had been most welcome and whilst I was trying very hard not to say we needed a drop or two we most certainly did especially with in excess of a 1000m of newly turf laid over the autumn and winter period.

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