Bush Hill Park

Course Status

Course Status

Course open. No restrictions. Updated: 22nd Jul 2024

Dress Code and Etiquette

We kindly ask all visitors to observe usual etiquette on and off the course.

Dress Code Guidelines

On the Course

Only recognised golfing apparel and golf shoes should be worn on the golf course. Jeans, trainers,  
football or rugby style tops, football shorts, tracksuits, cargo shorts and jogging pants are not permitted on the course.

In the Clubhouse

Smart casual clothing is permitted in the Clubhouse including jeans and we respectfully ask that you

change out of any wet or muddy golf clothing before using the clubhouse facilities.

Clean golf shoes are also permitted in the Clubhouse lobby, George Low Bar and on the Terrace.
Golf Shoes are not permitted in the Main Bar area.

Mobile Phones

We encourage members to take their mobile phones with them on the course so that, in the event of
an emergency, they will be able to contact the Club for assistance on 020 3146 9890.

If you need to take or make a call, ensure you do so with consideration for fellow members and visitors.
The use of mobile phones on the course is only permitted as a matter of urgency.

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