Bush Hill Park

Greens Maintenance Week -21st-25th March 2022

Firstly please allow me to introduce myself as your new Course Manager at Bush Hill Park Golf Club. It’s never ideal that you start a new job then within 6 days start the task of greens renovations, although this is an essential part of producing good quality and healthy greens for the months ahead.

The aeration process is vital for decompaction of the rootzone as it aids the movement of air and water through the profile whilst encouraging deeper rooting turf.

A good analogy is that if you had a young child who never exercised or got any fresh air and only ate junk food they would soon develop health issues, our greens are the same. If we are to only cut, feed and water them, then they would soon become so unhealthy that they would die. The aeration processes we carry out along side verti-cutting, scarifying, top dressing and correct watering and feeding programs are what keeps them healthy and playing well all year round.

At present we are aerating the greens twice with different sized tines to varying depths, in between these we shall be top dressing the greens with sand and brushing it in.

The tractor mounted aeration machine is preforming a slow moving task so please be patient and play around the tractor where ever possible, as for the operator to continuously stop would double the time to complete the renovations. please do not play onto the green if you cannot do so safely as the well being of the greenkeeper is paramount.

We have ordered a granular fertiliser to apply once the jobs are completed which will help the greens to recover quickly.

Thank you on behalf of my team and I for your understanding and patience whilst we complete these tasks and please feel free to pop over an say hello if you see me trying to find my way around your beautiful golf course.

Thank you


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